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Scariest New Movies On Netflix, new movie coming soon

Moviefone find it. Yet Kim keeps you invested in the characters as well, and this Korean epic has an undertone of sadness thats hard to shake. All Rights Reserved . The gore is nasty and so is the fun. Finstock Next Article Wait! Is Jeff Goldblum Joining a Superhero Movie? SHARE TWEET Tags Dead Snow Dust Devil evergreen Feature Hellraiser horror Hush Let the Right One In List Netflix Oculus Ravenous Scream Scream 2 Stir of Echoes The Awakening The Babadook The Exorcist The Relic The Shining Tucker and Dale vs. It is a real artistic gem, too, full of gothic spirit and an awesome soundtrack to boot. Its one of those carefully calculated modern, indie horror-comedies that was created explicitly in the hopes of someday being labeled cult classic, but it does its job better than most. Yes, The Exorcist features spinning heads, projectile green soup, and the most horrific use of a crucifix prop in movie history. 58. His wifes strange disappearance coincides with Davids discovery that his home was the site of a gruesome murder in 1902.

It is, however, Wans weakest film, one that feels somewhat like a perfunctory follow-up to Saw, which is pretty much exactly what it is. Paste Studio Daytrotter Podcasts Radio Music Movies TV Games Comedy Books Design Food Drink Tech Travel Comics Style Politics Soccer Paste Studio Daytrotter Podcasts Radio . This month, you can find everything from the 1973 Oscar-winning classic The Exorcist, to fear-inducing foreign films like Let the Right One In, to contemporary horror like The Babadook. Proxy Year: 2013 Director: Zack Parker If the measuring stick for a horror film is that it makes you feel vaguely unnerved the entire time its playing, then Proxy is certainly successful. The library is primarily propped up and inflated in numbers by ultra-cheap, zero-budget indies of a much more pedestrian nature, the kinds of films that you find in 12-movie variety packs in a Walmart $5 despair binmovies with titles that are either mind-numbingly generic (such as Animal) or hilariously specific (Abandoned Mine). The House at the End of Time Year: 2013 Director: Alejandro Hidalgo Perhaps it was on the back of directors such as Guillermo Del Toro and Nacho Vigalondo, but however it happened, the Spanish film industry has been one of the worlds leaders for creative horror cinema for the last decade. As the husband realizes he has no idea whats going on in his wifes pretty head, you start to second guess even your best theories. J.V.

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